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Thursday, 1 October 2009

I walk down the hall

I begin my third semester with a very bad start, I must say. Been trouble, not being brave enough, having too much fun, and the list goes on. And I've changed so much, I can feel it. And, erm, it's not in a good way. Oh wells, selama kita hidup kita akan terus berubah? is it right? I hate to be an easily-influenced type of a person.


7,6 Richter Scale (RS) Earthquake stroke Padang yesterday and another 7 RS earthquake stroke Jambi this morning. Earthquakes stroke Sumatera! And I am scared, that it might strike Palembang. I am scared of dying, I'm not prepared, ha.

P.S. oh, I finally received Ied postcard. I participate this project, they send Ied postcards for free. Now, I feel like sending one. The card is effing cute, I'll post the pic in the next post.

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