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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Here we go, let's roll back

Sometimes, beautiful things that happened in the past make us stuck at where we are right now.
We couldn't move on cause we keep on thinking about it.


Then I tell myself, if it never happened, I would have been like this, I would never done this, it would never happened, and... Ahh, there just so much that need to be fixed. So much to regret. But then, when we regret we feel bad about ourselves, because things happened because we made it to happened. Now where we are right now, I feel unease. I try to blend with it but mother, it hards.

Sometimes I think the weather knows how I feel (yeah right, fida), this morning it was dark and raining. Perfect.

ahh, there we go my melancholy mood.


Oh hey, I keep my promise, postcard pictures! Cute eh?

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