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Thursday, 25 March 2010

don't worry, I won't stop

What a motivating title -.-"
I went to Dispora today to attend the closing ceremony of regional selection of youth exchange program and national youth ship program. It was basically the announcement who get chosen for the program or I must say, the big 9. We were on training for 2 days, last Saturday and Sunday, it was like a quarantine and they judge us. From 12 finalists, they need only 9. As I predict before, I didn't get pick duh! I wasn't hoping too much so I'm not disappointed, I'm not really into the program. Can you imagine me, represent Indonesia? Nu uh. hahaha. But I'm happy, at least I get in to the 12 finalists. Congrats for all the chosen candidates! Here are some of the pictures that I could get before my camera went dead.

some of us

l-r: ega, kak adin and octa pretending to be manohara -.-" lol

people from Dispora

Alan was introducing himself

12 of us and kak Dulah, the chairman of PCMI (Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia, is that right?)

l-r: ega, me and octa


There there, it was an experience and I've met great people, all of them are :)

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