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Saturday, 19 June 2010

I wake up one morning and I think of my highschool

30 minuets ago I'm trying to write something that worth reading but I'm stuck. I decided to browse through my folder and found my photo folder name 'sekolah' (read: school). I clicked the folder and I found hundreds of my highschool pictures. I was smiling as I checked the picture one by one. Surely, I miss highschool. I found a video of my friends playing 'bulu kaki' (legs hair?), they actually made that game up. The game is easy, you need at least 2 players and you only have to make the shuttle cock off the ground by passing it to your partner/ competitor with your feet, yes, you kick them. Bulu kaki comes from bulu tangkis (read: badminton) but since you don't use badminton rackets and you kick the shuttle cock with you feet, it becomes bulu kaki, get it?

Well, wacthing the guys playing that game was hilarious. They usually play it during recess in front of the class cause they need big space and they keep on missing the shuttle cock.

Those pictures are the one that I can get from the video. You guys should try it, this could be your alternative sport :)

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  1. Hey Fida! How are you? I just finished exams... Anyways, I have some bad news! Mr Magar and Mr Magdi are going to jail both for 3 years. :( Anyways, hope you enjoying the holidays!