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Saturday, 23 October 2010


"Honor your friends. Unlike family, they don't have any obligation to be there for you, but they choose to." -Raya Fahreza (via Diana Rikasari)

And here they are the one I stick the most in campus,

Fiddelia Dumroh. She was my senior in Senior highschool and people tend to call us as twin just because we have similar name =.=". Ini orang paling mau enak sendiri, kalo mau nyari dia mudah, cari aja tempat yang paling enak dan gratis pasti dia disana. Paling mudah ngantuk di kelas dan sangat sengak, she's the big sister who believes that she still looks young (which is a lie). She's a helper, pernah dia nemenin saya ujan-ujanan di Pasar 16 cuma untuk nyari sepatu item untuk karantina trus bela-belain manggil guru silat supaya saya bisa tambil bagus di cultural show.

Yang sebelah kiri namanya Ayu Mardhotila. Pertama kali ketemu sama dia waktu technical meeting untuk Ospek fakultas, dia yang nyamperin duluan trus bilang 'eh, boleh kenalan gak?' haha. Orangnya paling kalem (kanji lembut, haha), dia paling sering bawa makanan dan habis oleh saya sama Fidel dan paling sering bolos. She goes to cinema a lot, at least once a week with her boyfriend. She has the longest relationship among us, 4 years old and she believes in high risk and high return on principle (aseek anak keuangan). And the one that I hug is Endah Putri Dianita and she bounces, haha. The most friendliest woman I've ever met beside Inaayatika, they both look alike and I think that's why I stick with them, they're very friendly. She knows everyone and everyone knows her, sampe kondektur bus pun dia tau. She's very kind, she helps you as long as she can and damn it, everybody likes her. I'm not joking.

And the others are Aurora Dian and Cindy Herin, we're close for the past a semester. They're the one in pinks; Cindy is the one with both arms open. Riri (Aurora) is my friend in high school and we weren't that close before, wait I don't think we even talk to each other haha, she's the boss among everybody. And Cindy -or we called cece- is the artist, she works in a local TV network as a news presenter. She obsessed with Korea and she wants us to call her Noona (wth? like hell we will, ha).

They truly are the painkillers. God love twist story, I will never know that I will be close friend with my senior before or someone I barely exchange words with, but it happens. This will last forever, let's pray.

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