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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Little black clouds over

I always love Cassey's actions especially her B&W actions so I decided to use it on my pictures.

I'm the type of people that build bricks around them and easily traumatized, but couple of months ago, I try to put down the bricks one by one in my precautions state and trying hard to open up. There are flashes in my mind and I try not to think about the worst that can I happen since it's just going to push me to arrange the bricks back again. But then, we can not push the bad away as it's already written on us. I've been in doubt, but I try to be positive and I was wrong (perhaps).

I thought what we've-- I've-- been doing will end up in something, something I expected and though I'm still hoping, I don't really believe in it. I can't conclude it now, but I can see where they cycle goes; it's the same cycle, in where I'm the one that's gonna get tired and fatigue.

It's not the end yet, I still can change it and with little believe that left in me, I'm going to twist the cycle; gonna stop for a while.

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