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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

It was like fire around the brim

Today’s topic is mostly about reflecting on 3 or 4 years ago, about how your high school life was. And it seems like everybody has the time of their lives when mine was monotonous compared to them. I was a fine student; I keep my mouth good and barely break a rule for the sake that I won’t be in trouble with teachers I loathe. To obey the rules, have to be on time at 7 in the morning, flag ceremony every Mondays and all those aerobics movement every Fridays, man, wasn’t it overrated? It was.

I had my fun times at high school but compare to college life, it was nothing. I don’t think I was being myself. I mean, high school is all about image. It was like a parade; what you wear, what you drive in, people you hang around with, it were all the topics to talk. And then, there are groups. It didn’t really show, but it’s there; that we were divided into groups, like it or not.

But being in college is something that’s really different. There’re groups, but it is for the sake of surviving. There’re rules but they are flexible. We take full responsibilities of ourselves. We are free yet we have boundaries.

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